Allied all city is the name of a popular NYC water and sewer repair service located on Long Island Sound, near New York City. allied all city is one of the most reliable pipes and water lines companies in NYC. The company has served the people of New York for decades and continues to be a name that comes up when someone needs water and sewer repair in NYC and near New York. allied all city is also a licensed private water line servicing contractor with the New York City Department Of Education.

Allied all city is the ultimate solution when you have damaged your water lines and need new ones. The company offers both water lines repair and pipeline replacement/repair/installation/construction, providing quality work for a great value. After more than 40 years in business, allied all city is one of New York’s largest and best-known services for trenchless pipe and water line replacement/repair/installation, providing a reliable service near the city and around the state of New York.