Sewer Cleaner Types and Advantages

There are different types of sewer cleaners that fit different needs, but each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Trenchless Sewer Cleaner is the best solution for trenchless sewer systems. In this system, the sewer line is completely sealed to save the cost of excavation work. It is also very reliable to handle larger diameter pipes.

Single Point Sewer Cleaner is used when trenchless sewer cleaning is not preferred. The only advantage of this type is that it does not require any sort of excavation work. The local sewer cleaner uses a single-point connection to both the sewer lines and the faucets. This connection is much easier to handle and reduces the chances of any sort of communication problems with the machine.

Water Tankless Sewer Cleaner has many advantages. This type of sewer cleaner eliminates the need for a large tank and reduces the debris body. The main advantage is that the entire process of disposal is complete and requires less water. It also has the most advanced safety features that are required to run a smooth operation. Jetting: It is another common type of sewer cleaning machine that comes in jetting systems or hose reel systems. In jetting, the cleaning process does not require the use of water. This is why jetting is termed the best method for cleaning sewage pipes. It also has minimal downtime and requires fewer repairs.