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Directional drilling explained

Directional drilling is a method that is used to install underground utilities, such as water lines, sewer lines, cable systems, and piping systems. A form of trenchless technology, drilling takes a utility from one point to another without disturbing the surface above or any obstacles that lie between the two points.

The process involves using boring machines to drill a pilot hole into the ground at specified locations. The boring machine is outfitted with advanced technologies that allow it to change direction in the event that it comes across any underground obstructions. Once the pilot hole is in place, a new utility line, such as a water or sewer line, or piping system, is installed. The installation of the lines or pipes can then be completed underground.

At Long Island Sewer and Water Main, we’re experts at directional drilling. It’s our preferred method for conduit installation, such as underground water and sewer lines, as it allows for trenchless pipe installation.

The benefits of directional drilling

Directional drilling offers several benefits that make it the preferred choice for water and sewer line installation among both the experts at Long Island Sewer and Water Main, as well as Long Island property owners. The following are some of the most notable advantages of drilling:

Faster installation

Drilling down into the ground rather than digging down and then across, like traditional open-and-cut methods require, means that the installation process goes a lot faster.

Less disruption

With directional drilling, there is minimal disruption, both to the ground and to obstacles, utilities, and objects that are located underground.


Because the process is faster, directional drilling is more affordable than traditional methods.

Less contamination

Since soil is brought to the side rather than to the surface, the risk of contamination is reduced.


The combination of more robust materials with greater placement accuracy allows for increased durability.

Fewer permits

Compared to traditional methods, drilling typically requires fewer permits.


This method can be used to place conduits in locations where obstacles are a problem; under a road, a driveway, a stream, or even in an area where piping needs to curve.

Long island’s directional drilling experts

Long Island Sewer and Water Main is a leading expert in directional drilling on Long Island. Our technicians are professionally trained, highly skilled, and have ample hands-on experience. We use the most cutting-edge technologies, the most advanced tools, and state-of-the-art equipment, and we always adhere to the most recent advances in our drilling services.

All of these factors combined mean that we provide the highest-quality, most reliable, and longest-lasting results. We also adhere to the most stringent protocols and regulations to ensure that everything is safe and up to code.

Busy roadways, private driveways, waterways, buildings, and more; our expert technicians can use drilling to quickly and efficiently install conduit systems in virtually any location, even in areas where large obstructions exist.

In addition, we create minimal disruptions and leave very little mess behind. For the most reliable, durable, and affordably priced directional drilling services in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, look no further than Long Island Sewer and Water Main.

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We use the most robust materials, advanced techniques, and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver durable, long-lasting results.

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Thanks to our drilling services, we can quickly and efficiently install even the most expansive underground conduit and piping systems.

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