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Telltale Signs You Need Professional Cesspool Services

Though you probably don’t give it much thought, a cesspool is a vital part of your home or business. It collects the wastewater and solid waste that gets flushed down the toilets and drains, so it’s pretty important; since it’s located underground, however, it’s easy to forget about. If neglected, you could be looking at serious problems and costly repairs. That’s why routine cesspool pumping is so important. But how do you know when you need to have your cesspool pumped? If you’re having any of the following plumbing issues, don’t delay; get in touch with a professional that specializes in cesspool and septic tank maintenance and repair right away.

Slow Drains

If you end up standing in a pool of water up to your ankles whenever you take a shower, or your kitchen sink fills up with muck-filled water when you’re washing the dishes, try plunging the drain. If that doesn’t work, call in a plumber that offers cesspool services. Slow drains are a sign that the tank is near or has reached capacity.

Foul Odors

The smell of raw sewage is unmistakable. If you catch a whiff of a pungent smell coming up out of your drains or wafting across your yard, that’s a definite sign that you need to schedule an appointment for cesspool pumping. Those foul odors you’re smelling could indicate that your septic tank is nearly full or that it is overflowing. Either way, a licensed and trained professional that specializes in cesspool services will clear out the tank – and rid your property of those putrid smells.

Green Grass

While lush, green grass is the desire of every property owner, when it’s confined to a single part of your yard – such as around the cesspool – it could be a sign that the tank is overflowing. When a cesspool is full, the contents of the tank can bubble up, and the water and solid waste that are housed in the tank will nourish your grass, making it appear super-green and thick. If the grass in a confined part of your property is suspiciously lush, call in a plumbing company to investigate your cesspool right away.

Sewage Overflow

Sometimes the signs of an overflowing cesspool are subtle, and other times, they’re completely obvious. The sight of raw sewage is a clear indication that your septic tank has exceeded its capacity. If solid waste and water are pouring up through your drains and filling up your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks, you need emergency plumbing services. Steer clear of the waste and contact a cesspool pumping immediately.

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