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Attention East Hills, NY Property Owners: Top 3 Signs That a Main Water Line Replacement May Be Required

How To Know When A Main Water Line Could Potentially Have a Break

Here are three signs that there are issues with a main water line:

  1. In case of a break or clog in the line, water will travel less through the pipes and reach the inside faucets. The problem is most likely caused by a problem inside your home if there is a drop in pressure in a single water source. If, however, the water pressure is consistently low throughout the house, the main water line is faulty.
  1. Observe large puddles of standing water on the property resembling muddy swamps, usually accompanied by a foul smell, to identify a water line break.
  1. It is obvious when your water bill is higher than usual. It very well may be the main water line if your water bill is significantly higher than normal and no obvious reason is apparent. An overflowing main water line leaks a significant amount of water below the ground.
  1. What do you think about cloudy or smelling water? The main water line needs to be free of cracks so that dirt, bacteria, and possibly worse cannot seep into the water.

Proven Expertise

Rely on Long Island Sewer and Water Main for water line replacement backed by proven expertise.

Punctual Project Completion

Experience prompt and efficient water line replacement with Long Island Sewer and Water Main. We value your time and commit to completing projects in a timely manner.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Choose Long Island Sewer and Water Main for water line replacement services that prioritize your satisfaction. Our commitment extends beyond technical excellence; we ensure your peace of mind throughout the process.

Call in a Nassau County Professional to Make the Diagnosis

From above the ground, it is impossible to inspect the main water line since it is usually buried. If you need assistance locating problems in piping, Long Island Sewer and Water Main can video inspect it using push or robotic type inspection cameras. Following an isolation of the problem, the next step is to determine if the main water line needs to be repaired or replaced.

To determine the severity of the damage, East Hills, NY repair companies must conduct an assessment. There are times when a company identifies the break and can’t fix it with a patch. An economic and logistical advantage may be obtained by replacing a main water line.

Modern Ways to Perform a Main Water Line Replacement in East Hills, NY

The repair of a main water line can be done in a number of ways. In this case, a backhoe is used to dig. There is a higher risk of destroying grass, plants, trees, and pathways with this approach. 

In order to replace water lines less invasively, trenchless techniques can be used. With this more modern technology, water lines can be repaired and replaced at a more cost-effective price. The trenchless repair does not require digging with a backhoe, so there is no need to overhaul your entire lawn.

We repair, replace, and upgrade water lines and water mains for residential and commercial properties in Nassau County and surrounding areas. This includes the much preferred trenchless water line replacement.

Long Island Sewer and Water Main: Family Owned and Operated Since 1983

With over 38 years of experience in plumbing and environmental services, Long Island Sewer and Water Main is a trusted name in the industry. A family owned and operated water line repair company in Nassau County performs all the work itself, unlike other local companies that outsource work. A full range of services and products are available from Long Island Sewer and Water Main, including service and reliability to homes, shopping centers, apartment buildings, condominiums, co-ops, schools, and more. The local town’s Plumbing department can provide potential customers with information about the company’s excellent reputation. Also, Long Island Sewer and Water Main has an “A” rating with Angie’s List.

Long Island Sewer and Water Main is the Only Water Line Repair Company You Need in East Hills, NY For A Main Water Line Replacement

There are a lot of plumbing issues that can’t wait until normal business hours to arise, including the replacement of a main water line. Emergency services are available 24-hours a day in East Hills and NY. The team at Long Island Sewer and Water Main will work tirelessly to provide you with all services. You can count on this team of professionals in Nassau County when it comes to getting your water service needs handled promptly and efficiently. To learn more about water line repairEast Hills, get an estimate and schedule service, call 800-479-5325 or visit https://www.longislandsewerandwatermain.com/ today.

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