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7 Signs Your Property Requires Mastic,NY Trenchless Sewer Repair

A sewer system serviced by a municipal provider lasts between 50 to 100 years. Septic systems have a lifespan of 40 years. Anything that disturbs a sewer pipe, drain line, or septic tank can happen in a cycle of 100 years. When there’s a disturbance, Mastic,NY trenchless sewer repair becomes necessary. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective sewer line replacement, then trenchless pipe bursting is the solution. One of the advantages of this is that the plumbing professionals will be able to replace a damaged pipe without digging up your lawn.

Your home’s age helps indicate the attached sewer system’s age too. Septic systems require replacement more often than those serviced by a municipal sewage provider. For environmental reasons, local laws ordain septic rules. 

If the local environment is delicate and rural, only some septic systems are permissible. For example, areas of Suffolk County that feature wine countries require nearby residents to regularly maintain their septic systems. Otherwise, leaks impact the soil. If leaks spread too far, the wastewater changes the soil’s quality for the grapes.

Plumbing professionals such as Long Island Sewer and Water Main are readily available to answer plumbing concerns and emergency plumbing issues 24/7.

To prevent sewer pipe repair before it’s necessary, the following are seven signs it’s time to schedule an inspection with Suffolk County trenchless sewer pipe repair professionals. 

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Foul Odors

Your home’s wastewater runs through a series of pipes. The sewer line connects with other pipes to provide an efficient entry and exit process. For example, sewer pipes reside at a slanted angle. The slope promotes efficient draining. 

The lifespan of sewer pipes, lines, and systems varies greatly depending on the material. Orangeburg pipes have a lifespan of 50 years, while PVC, cast iron, and cement pipes can last anywhere between 75 to 100 years. But this span can lengthen in 50-100 years. For example, some regions of the United States experience earthquakes and storm damage. Others experience freezing weather or severe storms like hurricanes that would also impact the age of pipes over a period of time.

Storms and earthquakes shift the soil. Over 100 years, anything is possible. Drain lines and sewer pipes live up to six feet under the soil. Even that far deep, the soil around the pipe shifts. Those shifts cause the pipe to slant, sink, or crack. 

Since property owners don’t see the pipes daily, it’s impossible to guess their condition. The working assumption is that they’re OK. Once you smell foul sewer odors in your home, it’s safe to assume that something is wrong with the system.

Indoor plumbing lives within the walls and floors of your home; you shouldn’t smell their presence. Once foul odors become obvious, it’s time to contact a trenchless line company like Long Island Sewer and Water Main.

First, plumbing contractors complete an inspection. The goal is to pinpoint the smell’s source. Next, professionals aim to understand the extent of the damage. In the worst-case scenario, a possible back up into the home’s indoor plumbing is causing the smell. The best-case scenario is a drain that has accumulated gunk in the trap pipe. Thus, the foul odor comes from a localized point. 

Nonetheless, trenchless sewer repair professionals employ technology that finds the source and puts a plan together to fix it.

Slow Drains

Slowly draining water is an inconvenience. It’s also a sign that something is amiss with a home’s indoor plumbing. 

Common slow drain causes include obstructions, blockages, and hair in shampoos. For example, having a strand of hair get by every time someone showers can lead to clogs. A hair trap can stop that from happening, but if it weren’t properly installed and maintained, water could still flow over the drain instead of being redirected into the trap.

Slow drains benefit from a hydro-jetting service from trenchless sewer pipe relining companies. The trenchless service forces obstructions, blockages, and clogs out of the pipe. In addition, it cleans up the drain lines. Over the years, bacteria, waste, and other gunk pass through those pipes.

Since treatment plants clean up the water before sending it back into the regional sewer pipes, residents receive fairly clean water. Suffolk County pipe lining is another trenchless method that improves the water quality.

To discuss the possible trenchless sewer line repair cost, contact Long Island Sewer and Water Main.

Weak Water Flow

Weak water flow results from one of two things, problems in the fixtures or problems in the indoor plumbing pipes. 

Before calling trenchless plumbing professionals, test the faucets and showerheads in your home. Find out if only one fixture is experiencing the issue. If it’s one fixture that isn’t delivering your desired water pressure, it’s a sign that it requires a replacement. 

When several fixtures are providing low water pressure, it’s a house-wide issue. Now it’s time for an additional step. Check in with immediate neighbors to find out if they’re experiencing the same issue. 

Households with municipal water service may experience this issue because of construction in the regional piping. What’s happening in the pipes isn’t always an issue with the sewer line that runs from your house to the street.

If neighbors are experiencing the same water flow issue, call the municipal provider. The provider will advise on the next steps.

In situations when several fixtures in the same home experience weak water flow issues but not neighbors, contact your local trenchless plumbing repair company such as Long Island Sewer and Water Main. 

Professionals work through their checklist to find the problem. Often a blockage in the indoor plumbing pipes leads to the issue. For example, they look at the aerator and cartridge first. If those components look fine, the team moves on to check for leaks. 

When plumbing contractors find leaks, they put together a plan for sewer pipe repair. Plumbing leaks benefit from sewer liner repair, Suffolk County pipe bursting, and trenchless drain repair. 

All leaks require repair regardless of size. The smaller the leak, the less intense the repair. Suffolk County trenchless sewer repair adds a layer of ease. It’s a no dig pipe repair solution that takes one day to complete. 

If your pipe is leaking significantly and beyond repair, then it’s time to consider pipe bursting. A professional uses an epoxy-covered tube that they insert into the in-need-of-repair pipe from an access point. This can fix a damaged or leaking pipe, and in many cases, this bursts the pipe which makes sense when it’s nearing its end of its lifespan.

Bright Green Grass Patches in Yard

Many property owners invest in their landscaping. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see a beautiful landscape of healthy grass. If a patch of bright green grass pops up, it’s rarely on purpose.

A patch of bright green grass is the result of a leaking sewer pipe or septic system drain line. The wastewater leaking through the line into the property’s lawn changes the grass color. To fix it, plumbing teams replace the drain lines. The new lines help put the waste back on its intended route to the soil.

The good news is that the problem area is obvious. A plumbing team examines the pipe underneath the patch without digging up the entire area. If the pipe is beyond repair, sewer line repair companies such as Long Island Sewer and Water Main often recommend Mastic,NY pipe bursting.

Pipe bursting replaces a leaking sewer pipe without digging up an entire lawn. 

Water Color Isn’t Clear

An immediate sign that something is not right with a property’s sewage or septic system is dirty water. 

When you notice a clean stream of water coming from only one drain fixture in your home, it’s a good idea to check the rest of your drains. This could be an indication that there is a problem with the plumbing that needs to be repaired in more than one home.

If a regional pipe is failing on their end or something shut off by accident, it has a ripple effect in the areas the provider services. Their treatment plants also experience issues. A neighborhood-wide issue requires a report with the municipal provider. Even if the problem is only present in one home, it requires immediate investigation.

Dirty water poses a serious hazard that requires attention and solutions including Mastic,NY trenchless sewer repair.

Septic systems and municipal sewer providers are not the same. A septic system belongs to the owner of the property. If they receive dirty water, the problem stems from the water source or a problem with the system. Before it spreads to other homes, a homeowner should deal with their septic system repair as soon as possible.

Rusted Indoor Pipes

Most indoor plumbing and sewage pipes live tucked into a home’s walls and soil. Therefore it’s tough to see their state. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on the state of exposed pipes in your basement and outside your home.

Wear and tear on a home is normal and expected. Exposed pipes can get rusty, the exterior walls exposed to the elements may need annual maintenance, and the roof needs annual upkeep. The exterior walls are also an opportunity for you to add a new coat of paint every three to five years.

Thus, it’s logical to note that exposed pipes require maintenance too.

Sewer pipes have a lifespan of 50 to 100 years. Septic systems require a total replacement once every 40 years. In between all those decades, severe weather and natural disasters happen. Even normal rainfall annually impacts the exposed pipes.

If you notice that the pipes have rust, it indicates that damage is on the horizon. Rust from the elements is one thing. Rust because the sewer pipes leak or freeze is something more serious. A Suffolk County trenchless sewer repair appointment helps the homeowner find out the extent of the damage.

Since the plumbing contractors use equipment to see pipes on video and television, they gain a good view of the pipes. 

The tool helps property owners identify if their pipes need a trenchless sewer line replacement or repair. In 2021, there are several repair options available to property owners. If the pipes are rusted, it indicates one set of potential issues. If they’re different colors-green, aqua, or red-it may indicate mold, a severe leak and bacteria.

In cases where leaks have caused the water to pressure, it’s a sign that a severe water line break is possible at any moment.

Increased Water Bills

It’s normal for utility costs to increase when use goes up. In the summer and winter, homeowners expect to pay more for their energy use. In Mastic during the winter months, the temperature drops. In some cases, it freezes. Thus, individuals pay more to heat their homes.

In terms of indoor plumbing, water, and plumbing use increases when family visits. Indoor plumbing gets more traffic during the Holidays or the summer months. It’s different when traffic doesn’t increase but there is a noticeably increase in the water bill beyond a few dollars.

A sudden and consistent increase in a household’s monthly public utilities indicates that something is happening within the home’s infrastructure. Some leaks are obvious, such as the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Leaks in the basement are less noticeable when they get little use. That’s one reason many homeowners find out they have mold in their homes. They don’t see the leak in the basement soon enough, so it has time to grow.

Since the drain lines and pipes live in between a home’s walls, under the foundation and soil are difficult to spot too. An increase in the water bill is an indication that leaks exist. It also indicates that it’s time to consider setting an appointment with a Mastic,NY trenchless sewer repair team. 

To find the issue, plumbing contractors employ television and video equipment. After pinpointing the problem, they put together a plumbing plan of action. 

The good news is that trenchless technology provides a cost-effective repair method that offers an attractive return on your investment. 

Call Long Island Sewer and Water Main at 800-479-5325 to schedule an appointment in your area. We serve Mastic and Suffolk County in New York. To view a full list of our service, visit our website. You can request a quote online too.

In addition, we provide trenchless Suffolk County pipe bursting services and answer emergency plumbing calls 24/7.

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