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Water Line Replacement In Lake Grove

What You Need to Know About Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Lake Grove, NY

The main water line supplies the water to your home or commercial building. Should there be a damaged or burst water line, the water could leak and cause serious flooding and major water damage on your property. You have no other options but to contact a professional water line repair company immediately. One question weighs heavy on your mind; Is it a repair or a full water line replacement?

We know that an entire water line replacement sounds overwhelming and rightfully so. It’s not only a financial investment but your property and landscaping could be destroyed in the process. You see, traditional water line replacement methods may entail having to dig up sidewalks, driveways, patios, gardens and trees. Lucky for you, a modern water line replacement technique is available in Suffolk County. 

What is a Trenchless Water Line Replacement? 

The trenchless sewer line replacement method is a game changer in the water line replacement industry. The trenchless method leaves relatively no mess and avoids digging up your entire beautiful yard. It’s a truly clever way to install a sewer line or water line, when traditional methods put your yard, landscaping and lawn at risk. A trenchless repair is far less invasive and can go below your property. Since there is no backhoe digging required with trenchless repair solutions, there is no need to remodel the grounds of your property when the repair is completed.

How is Trenchless Water Line Replacement Performed?

A trenchless water line replacement is an amazing new method for replacing pipes with minimal digging on the property. Trenchless water line replacement is performed by creating two holes, one where the water line begins and the other where it ends. An additional hole is created underground for the actual pipe. The inside of the existing water pipes will be cleaned using pipeline cameras and a specialized cleaning technique. The pipe lining inspection cameras view the cause of the problem and the general condition inside the pipes. When the problem area is discovered, specialized pipe tools target the location of the damage.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement Sounds Expensive But Actually Saves You Money

So while the initial cost of trenchless technology repair seems more expensive than traditional repair costs, when you factor in the time, labor and post-repair costs among the two water line replacement methods, trenchless technologies is the less expensive approach.

You will avoid digging up and replacing pavement, plants, trees, grass and pathways. The trenchless repair method is more cost effective because of the time and money that must be spent rebuilding what was originally featured on the property. 

Long Island Water and Sewer Main is a Leader of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacements in Lake Grove, NY

For over 38 years, Long Island Water and Sewer Main has been offering all plumbing services for residential and commercial needs in Lake Grove, NY. Experienced in all fields, Long Island Water and Sewer Main has worked hard to be established as an authority on trenchless water line replacements in Lake Grove, NY. They do not “sub-out” the work, this family owned and operated water line repair company handles their own jobs.

Long Island Water and Sewer Main provides service and reliability to homes, shopping centers, apartment buildings, condos, co-ops, schools and more in Suffolk County. They are in good standing with the town’s plumbing department and scored an “A” on Angie’s List.

You will appreciate their ability to handle any emergency with efficient service and hard-working technicians. Whether you are needing trenchless water line replacement, backhoe trenching method, pipe bursting, leaks, utility locating, water jetting, backhoe work or septic systems, Long Island Water and Sewer Main are experts in Suffolk County.

24-7 Availability, Affordable Rates, Work Guarantees 

Since 1983, Long Island Water and Sewer Main has provided reliable service, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in Suffolk County. This highly recommended company handles all sorts of plumbing emergencies with quick response time and efficient techniques. Highly trained technicians arrive at job sites in Lake Grove, NY with the most modern of equipment to quickly solve any problem at fair and honest rates. Long Island Water and Sewer Main never charges extra for nights or weekend work. Long Island Water and Sewer Main is licensed, bonded and insured. A customer’s satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Contact Long Island Water and Sewer Main for Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Suffolk County

Don’t wait another minute! A faulty main water line not only puts your water supply at risk by pulling in outside contaminants but it can also cause damage to your property and even scarier, the potential of dangerous sinkholes. 

For questions about water line repair Lake Groveor to schedule a repair appointment, call 516-785-2700 or visit today. The expert staff at Long Island Water and Sewer Main will dispatch a fully stocked service truck to your location in Lake Grove, NY 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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