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Water Line Replacement In Bellmore

Local Water Line Repair Company in Bellmore, NY is Top Choice for Fast and Reliable Emergency Fixes

Some plumbing issues can be easily fixed by a homeowner or property owner. A busted main water line is a big deal and not a problem any beginner or novice should even attempt to repair. When a water supply line starts leaking in your home or business location, it can cause flooding and water damage. It’s imperative to immediately contact a professional water line repair company that specializes in this serious type of plumbing issue.

Long Island Water and Sewer Main are experts at residential and commercial water line and water main repairs, replacements and upgrades in Nassau County and surrounding areas.

Why is a Main Water Line Important?

The main water line ensures that clean water is entering your home or business. A broken main water line not only puts your water supply at risk by pulling in outside contaminates, it can also cause damage to your property by causing potentially dangerous sinkholes.

At Long Island Water and Sewer Main, skilled technicians can locate the problem and make the repair. 

You’ll protect the property, save money, and most importantly make sure that your dwelling is receiving the best quality water.

Long Island Water and Sewer Main: Family Owned and Operated Since 1983

Long Island Water and Sewer Main has been providing plumbing and environmental services for over 38 years. Unlike other local water line repair companies in Nassau County that “sub-out” the work, this family owned and operated water line repair company performs all the work themselves. You can rest assured that the highly trained Long Island Water and Sewer Main technicians arrive at your residential or commercial location along with the specialized equipment to take care of your project or problem with ease and efficiency.

Residential and Commercial Water Line Repair Services in Nassau County

Long Island Water and Sewer Main offers all plumbing services for residential and commercial needs in Bellmore, NY. Experienced in all fields, Long Island Water and Sewer Main provides service and reliability to homes, shopping centers, apartment buildings, condos, co-ops, schools and more. Potential customers can verify this company’s good standing with the local town’s Plumbing department. In addition, Long Island Water and Sewer Main earned an “A” on Angie’s List. 

What Services do a Water Line Repair Company handle?

A water line repair company offers a variety of plumbing, water line, sewer, septic system, cesspool pumping, vacuum excavation and other specialty and environmental services. Long Island Water and Sewer Main handles those water line repair services whether your water line is made of copper, steel, poly, galvanized or plastic. The local expert team in Bellmore, NY will work hard to locate the leak and fix it fast. Services include trenchless sewer and water lines, pipe bursting, leaks, utility locating, water jetting, backhoe work, septic systems, smoke testing and more.

What Makes Long Island Water and Sewer Main a Leading Water Line Repair Company in Nassau County?

Long Island Water and Sewer Main has the right equipment for the right job. Having the latest equipment to service, repair or replace any plumbing problem above or below the ground. Each of the service trucks are fully stocked to handle all emergency situations that may arise. 

Long Island Water and Sewer Main is equipped with the latest systems to take care of sewer lines and water lines without digging up a yard. All the work is done underground. Their team of professionals offer high-tech solutions to quickly and efficiently tackle plumbing service repairs, upgrades and replacements. Long Island Water and Sewer Main can even video inspect piping using push or robotic type inspection cameras to locate defects or collapsed lines.

Long Island Water and Sewer Main offers 24-Hour Emergency Service in Bellmore, NY

Plumbing issues don’t just happen during regular business hours. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Long Island Water and Sewer Main will dispatch one of the fully stocked service trucks 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in Bellmore. You will appreciate their high level of experience to handle any emergency with reliable service and pleasant technicians.

Special Pricing and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With over 38 years of customer relationships in Nassau County, Long Island Water and Sewer Main has the ability to offer customers the highest standard of work at the most affordable and competitive prices and best guarantees. Their highly trained technicians will arrive at each job with the latest technological equipment to solve any problem at a fair and honest price. Even better, they do not charge extra for nights and weekend work. Long Island Water and Sewer Main is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. 

Contact Long Island Water and Sewer Main for Any Water Line Repair

Long Island Water and Sewer Main is the only water line repair company you need in Bellmore, NY. Long Island Water and Sewer Main will work hard for you, bringing any and all services to you. This team of experts can handle your water service needs in a timely and cost effective manner. To learn more about water line repair Bellmore, get an estimate and schedule service, call 516-785-2700 or visit today.

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