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5 Types of Uniondale, NY Trenchless Pipe Lining

The trenchless method for repairing and replacing damaged sewer pipes gained traction in the United States over the last few decades. Uniondale pipe bursting and pipe lining for repairs offer several attractive benefits to homeowners, investors, and municipal sewage providers.

The method got its start in Europe during the 1960s. Trenchless technology found its way to the United States in the 1970s. Plumbing professionals adopted in the 1990s. It took time to adopt it possibly because American sewer pipe infrastructure was still in good shape.

Once American infrastructure saw the need for several pipe repairs and replacements, the plumbing industry sought efficient ways to provide solutions. Moreover, American homeowners and investors fuse large investments into their properties. They set down concrete walkways, beautiful gardens, and luscious landscaping on top of the property’s soil and sewage system.

Some property owners put off sewage pipe maintenance, repairs, and replacements because it would mean digging up their investments. Thus, the plumbing sector adapted.

Pipe lining technology uses less machinery, labor hours, and tools than the traditional pipe repair method. It uses high-quality materials, precision technology, and tools that complete the job promptly. This makes the process an affordable trenchless option. The pipe lining cost varies. Professionals such as Long Island Water and Sewer Main provide a quote for your convenience.

The goal of Nassau County trenchless pipe lining is to repair damaged pipes. The trenchless pipe repair method handles minor to serious jobs. When necessary, plumbing contractors move onto trenchless sewer replacement such as Uniondale, NY pipe bursting.

Sewer pipe lining takes place in several steps. It starts with an inspection. Since the process involves a no-dig technique, plumbing contractors use the camera and video technology. The video equipment allows the contractors to see the cracks on the pipe without excavation. 

Next, they clean out the pipe. With a hydro jetter, the team pushes out any obstructions, blockages, and clogs from the damaged pipe. It’s important to clear out debris from the pipe before the lining process begins.

The team mesures the damaged pipe. It allows them to prepare the right-sized repair tube lining. Inflatable tubing goes into the pipe. Tubes receive a coat of epoxy resin. Once the tubing is ready, they slide it down the pipe. Professionals immerse the tubing in epoxy. They use an inversion technique that allows them to slide the tubing and lining easily down the damaged pipe.

Once the tubing reaches the desired end, the team inflates it. Each portion of the sewer pipe receives a coating of epoxy. When the team sees that the tubing covers everything, they deflate it and pull the tubing out from the pipe.

Epoxy starts as a liquid. After curing, it becomes a durable coating substance. Curing epoxy involves using hot air, steam, or heat. In some cases, they use ultraviolet or LED blue light to speed up the curing stage.

Curing takes four to 12 hours to complete depending on the method. In total, trenchless sewer pipe lining takes one day to finish. 

Some factors impact the speed of the pipe lining task. There is no need for excavation to line a pipe. Plumbing professionals use two access points that require minimum digging. If achieving access becomes difficult, the team gets creative. Nonetheless, Nassau County trenchless pipe lining is an efficient and cost-effective repair solution.

Sewer pipe lining offers several benefits. First and foremost, it’s a no-dig process. Plumbing contractors carve out two access points, but there is no excavation involved. Without excavation, the pipe repair process becomes more efficient and cost-effective.

Whenever a sewer repair job takes place, it poses a risk to neighboring pipes including gas. The trenchless method reduces the risk significantly. In addition, it’s not necessary to destroy sidewalks, walkways, lawns, and gardens. Plumbing contractors find access points through video equipment. Thus, the pipe lining repair and replacement procedures are safe and precise.

Once the pipe line repair gets underway, it strengthens the existing pipe and extends its lifespan. If tree roots and other obstructions live near the water pipe, they don’t slow down the pipe lining repair work. However, finding tree roots allows the homeowner to receive a warning. It gives them time to hire a professional to handle the roots before they do cause damage.

Another reason homeowners put off sewer maintenance, repair, and replacement in the aftermath. The traditional method forced plumbing professionals to dig up concrete, lawns, and gardens. With trenchless technology, there’s very little aftermath to repair.

After trenchless sewer work, property owners won’t face repaving their walkways or replanting their flowers.

America’s infrastructure is aging. When engineering, plumbing, and construction professionals realized that cities across the United States require sewer pipe repair simultaneously, they realized that they needed a better solution. Stopping traffic causes significant ripple effects across several industries. 

Nassau County trenchless pipe lining improves the health of the sewer pipes without using several machines and digging up entire blocks of streets and sidewalks. It improves the flow of water and waste too because the pipes are new.

The following are five types of Uniondale, NY trenchless pipe lining that plumbing professionals such as Long Island Water and Sewer Main offer.

Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP Lining)

Cured-in-place pipe lining helps repair a damaged pipe. No excavation takes place. The no-dig method requires two access points instead. 

workers lining a pipe near Albertson, NY

After a homeowner schedules a sewage pipe repair appointment, the plumbing team arrives to inspect the concern. CIPP lining technology works on cracks causing leaks. The team finds two access points to the sewer pipe without excavation.

The no-dig solution uses video and television equipment to pinpoint the pipe causing the plumbing problem. Therefore finding the two access points is a precise process. 

Without excavation, the team reaches the pipe’s access points. If they spot blockages, obstructions, or clogs, the professionals use a hydro jetter to clean out the pipe. Cleaning out the pipe ensures that the liner finds its way the entire length. 

Once the epoxy-covered tubing covers the entire pipe, especially the damaged spots, the plumbing contractors retract the tubing. The epoxy coating creates a new pipe lining. It repairs the damage and restores the pipe. 

The curing takes place on-site too. Professionals use heat, steam, or UV lights to dry the coating. The curing process takes between four to 12 hours to complete. It depends on the method and length of the lining.

Pull In Place

Pull in place trenchless pipe lining is an option used for cases when the cracks are large. The method is effective for repairing gaps in the sewer pipe.

Sewer pipes last between 50 to 100 years. Orangeburg pipes last an average of 50 years. Cast iron, cement, and PVC pipes last between 75 to 100 years. However, they experience their share of wear and tear. Most pipes live under soil and concrete. Therefore, it’s tough to see their condition. 

You can estimate their condition based on the age of the home and system. Keep in mind that natural disasters and heavy rains cause damage too. Rain shifts the soil over time. If the soil under the pipe sinks, the pipe sinks too. The shifting causes cracks. Although the pipe has a crack, if it’s under 50 years old, the pipe is still usable.

Pull-in-place pipe lining repairs leaks and gaps. Professionals create two access points. They slide into the pipe the epoxy pipe liner. From the access points, the plumbing team pulls the liner into place. The goal is to cover the gaps first. Next, they ensure that the leaks receive cover too.

The pipe liner acts like a sleeve. Once the team confirms that the liner is in place, they start the curing process. The team dries the sleeve in its place using heat, steam, or UV light.

To receive an epoxy sewer pipe lining cost quote, contact Long Island Water and Sewer Main.

Pipe Bursting

Plumbing contractors employ Uniondale, NY pipe bursting services when the damaged pipe is beyond repair. Older pipes and pipes with several gaps benefit from bursting.

The team carves out two access points to the damaged pipe. Remember that trenchless technology no longer requires excavation. It’s possible to replace a damaged pipe without digging up concrete and lawn. The access points provide enough room to slip in the new sewer pipe.

Municipal sewage providers benefit from Nassau County pipe bursting; residential property owners do too. 

This trenchless pipe repair method inserts a new pipe into the damaged one. The new pipe causes the old one to burst. It’s not necessary to excavate and install a new one anymore. 

Bursting a pipe on purpose offers several benefits. First, it causes minimal damage to the site. The process is less labor-intensive but the productivity is higher. Bursting a damaged pipe is a cost-effective pipe replacement technique. The no-dig process is safer for the environment and the property. Plumbing crews are less likely to hit a different pipe by accident. 

The result is a new pipe that has improved capacity and flow. It’s also clean. Several plumbing professionals offer a lifetime guarantee for the work. The new pipe already has an improved lifespan. 


Sliplining is another trenchless sewer repair solution to consider. The process involves a series of smaller sewer pipes. Sewer pipes that carry waste measure four inches in diameter on average. The pipes that hook up to sinks measure 1.5 inches. Laundry machine pipes measure an average of two inches. For the sliplining method, the pipes are smaller in diameter than the ones that they will replace. 

Professionals prepare replacement pipes off-site. When they arrive, they prepare the access points to the pipes. Sliplining pipes go through the damaged pipes. They replace them without excavation. The cracked pipes remain in place but become obsolete. The replacement pipes become the new carrier pipes. 

The trenchless sewer pipe lining method is cost-effective. It’s a great way to install new pipes without disrupting street traffic or a household’s daily routine for an extended time. Sliplining pipes deliver fresh water that is free of bacteria and other pipe buildups. 

Sliplining pipe rehabilitation is a method that has received praise in commercial settings. Cities are far denser. Therefore, it’s difficult to block roads that receive heavy traffic during commuting hours. 

Internal Pipe Coating

Epoxy is part of the resin family. Engineers, researchers, and scientists help commercial businesses by producing solutions that maintain their equipment. In a liquid state, epoxy acts as a glue. When it dries, it becomes a coating substance. 

The substance is so impressive in the results it delivers that it’s commonly used in commercial environments.

Some sewer pipes are large enough for humans to enter. These pipes handle massive jobs at sewer treatment plans and industrial settings. Plumbing professionals drain the pipes. Once they’re dry, they enter them and coat them with epoxy resin.

Residential septic systems don’t consist of pipes that large. Some systems consist of pipes that drain into the soil. The additives in the septic tank break down the waste. It passes through the drain lines next. Septic systems exist in rural areas too far to receive service from a municipal provider. In some areas, it’s not possible to install municipal service. The area’s ecology is too sensitive to waste spills. 

For example, Uniondale consists of wine country areas. If waste absorbed by the soil finds its way to the areas where wine grapes grow, it impacts the wine grapes. Thus, areas like this set down strict septic system rules. They protect the integrity of the environment.

A coating of epoxy fortifies the pipes. It also fixes leaks and prevents future ones from occurring without warning. Trenchless internal pipe coating protects the pipe and the soil surrounding it.

To schedule a Uniondale, NY trenchless pipe lining appointment, including Nassau County pipe bursting, contact Long Island Water and Sewer Main at 800-479-5325. We serve Uniondale and Uniondale in New York. To view a list of our services, visit our website. Request a quote for service online too. Our team also answers emergency calls 24/7.

Some information about Uniondale, NY

Uniondale is a census-designated place (CDP), as well as a suburb in Nassau County, New York, United States, on Long Island, in the Town of Hempstead. The population was 24,759 at the 2010 United States Census. Uniondale is home to Hofstra University’s north campus.

In the early 1970s, Uniondale residents attempted to incorporate their hamlet as a village, citing dissatisfaction with the way their community was being represented on policy board of the committee for redeveloping Mitchel Field. Their plans were unsuccessful, and Uniondale remains an unincorporated hamlet governed by the Town of Hempstead.

In the 2010s, the neighboring CDP of East Garden City was absorbed by Uniondale in a controversial move.

Learn more about Uniondale.

Map of Uniondale, NY

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