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7 Facts About Greenvale, NY Pipe Lining for Sewer Line Repair

Greenvale, NY pipe lining provides an alternative way to repair a damaged sewer pipe. It’s part of the trenchless technology used by plumbing contractors across the United States Among the alternative pipe repair solutions is Greenvale, NY pipe bursting.

The no-dig Nassau County pipe lining technology started in Europe during the 1960s. It made its way to the United States during the 1970s. However, it didn’t become widely used until the 1990s. Since Europe’s architecture is older, it makes sense that they required alternative ways to fix their sewage systems.

European architecture from a different time. As cities grew and inhabitants moved in, they had to make space for sewage systems to handle the load. For example, Paris built its residences up. There’s no more room to build out. Plus, the antiquity of their structures makes them difficult to alter. 

Thus, the Parisians and French had to become creative when infrastructure requires repairs, replacements, and updates. 

In the United States, one survey shows that 45% of Americans live in homes built between 1900 to 1945. A survey from 2021, shows that new homes continue to be steadily built. The years 2000 to 2009 saw the most built ever with 14.56 million. The rate dropped off sharply from 2010 to 2020.

Given that the majority of homes in the United States are less than 75 years old, there was no hurry to start adopting an alternative way to repair and replace sewage pipes. Cement, clay, PVC, and cast iron sewage pipes last up to 100 years. In the 1990s, the sewage infrastructure started to show its age. 

In addition, the municipal sewage service providers started servicing more individuals. Increased wear and tear cause the pipes to experience cracks and leaks sooner. 


The following are seven facts about Greenvale, NY pipe lining services.

Pipe Lining Uses Trenchless Technology

The most important component of pipe lining to understand is that it’s part of trenchless technology. 

Nassau County pipe bursting is another example of trenchless pipe repair. This technique doesn’t require digging large holes. There’s no need to expose the entire sewage pipe in question. It’s a no dig pipe repair option that’s gaining traction among plumbing professionals and property owners.

Before plumbing contractors started adopting the trenchless pipe repair method, they used traditional strategies. To complete sewer line repair, plumbers dug around the damaged pipe. Individuals who invested in their landscaping watched workers dig up their lawn, flowers, and greenery. There was no other alternative.

Of course, a great way to avoid going through any type of plumbing repairs is to adopt preventive measures.

The trenchless method only requires a couple of steps. After the plumbing team identifies the source of a blocked sewer pipe or why you see sewage coming out of the pipe in the yard, they pinpoint the access point. 

Now, if the issue is a cracked sewer pipe under the house or the main water line issue near your garden, the plumbing team will do their best to work around the garden and home’s foundation. Since digging a large area is not necessary with the trenchless method, your property investments remain protected.

If you’re interested in finding out the trenchless sewer line replacement cost, contact our Long Island Water and Sewer Main team to request a quote.

Pipe Lining Offers Several Benefits

Opting for Greenvale, NY pipe lining as a repair method provides several benefits. First and foremost, the digging remains minimal. You don’t need to worry about your landscape, lawn, or home’s foundation. The team finds the access point and digs a minimal hole. They dig only enough to create access to the pipe in question.

Once they have access, the work takes place there. It doesn’t spread the length of the pipe. Your lawn remains beautiful and your gardens remain undisturbed. If tree roots are causing sewage disruption and pipe damage, work on the tree does take place eventually. 

Using lining to repair a pipe requires less equipment and labor hours than the traditional strategies. Therefore, this trenchless repair method is cost-effective, an obvious benefit. The work takes between three to five hours to complete. 

If you’re home while the plumbing contractors complete the work, the noise remains minimal. Thus, your daily routine receives little to no disruption. It also doesn’t disturb your neighbors. During emergencies, it’s possible to complete the work promptly. Therefore, the damage remains contained and your stress level low.

Since the process requires less equipment, it leaves behind a smaller mess. Some homeowners realize that their plumbing pipes are in trouble when the damage is severe. Slow drains in the sinks, foul smells from the toilet, and gurgling sounds from the shower drain are signs that something is happening within the indoor plumbing.

Most people don’t notice the signs and continue using the plumbing as-is. When the signs of pipe damage aren’t obvious indoors, they are outdoors. For example, lush green lawns are the result of hard work and investment. If you notice patches of lush green grass instead of across the entire lawn, it’s a sign that the sewage pipes are leaking. 

By the time a homeowner inspects the lawn, the pipe damage has grown. Regardless, lining the affected pipe is often more efficient. 

The work takes three to five hours to complete. Therefore, the client experiences little to no interruption in their daily routine. Using the digging strategy requires three to five days to complete. In addition, the entire length of the damaged pipe is dug up. For some property owners that means digging up the entire yard. 

After installing a new sewer pipe or repairing the old one, property owners deal with the collateral damage such as investing in their lawn again.

Some believe that this sewer pipe repair process delivers cleaner water. It’s sound logic. 

Residences serviced by municipal sewage providers have a series of pipes running under the property and around it. The sanitary sewer line, stormwater sewer line, and combined sewer line are three. Plus, most pipes last up to 100 years.

Municipal sewage providers pump waste, water, and gunk to the appropriate locations for treatment. Nonetheless, the pipes accumulate bacteria, traces of chemicals, and waste over time. After lining a sewage pipe, it’s like installing a new pipe that’s free of contaminants. For some time, your household will experience cleaner water, another benefit.

Plumbing Professionals Complete an Inspection

The services provided by professional plumbers go beyond fixing a clogged toilet. Clogged toilets indicate that something else is going on. In severe cases, it indicates that the outdoor plumbing is experiencing a clog in one of the pipes.

When it’s necessary, the plumbing team employs television and video resources to complete a pipe inspection. The goal is to determine the extent of the damage. Sometimes lining repair isn’t the right solution. Severe cases require a total replacement instead of lining. 

If you require a total replacement, Nassau County pipe bursting is a trenchless technology solution to consider. It’s as effective as lining. 

Pipe Relining Replaces a Replacement

All major household appliances require maintenance. When HVAC professionals inspect your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation unit, they’re searching for parts that aren’t carrying their weight. 

When one component leans on the rest, it places additional stress on the others. It throws the unit’s calibration off and leads to a complete unit replacement. Repairs are sometimes cost-effective band-aids that allow a major appliance to continue operating.

Repairs help a homeowner plan for a total replacement, especially in terms of financing.

pipe being lined near Albertson, NY

Sometimes it’s possible to repair a leak. Other times it’s best to replace the damaged pipe. If an HVAC unit stops operating in the middle of a heatwave, it’s an inconvenience. If a pipe bursts inside your home, it’s inconvenient and more.

Burst pipes cause interior damage to a home. Plus, it causes stress and a potentially hazardous situation. 

If you need to pick between a relining repair or pipe replacement, lean on the professionals for expert advice. 

To find out the underground water pipe leak repair cost, contact Long Island Water and Sewer Main to request a quote.

The Process Remains Efficient

Lining a sewer pipe is an efficient process. There’s no need to dig or turn over the lawn. The machines used to complete the process are fewer; the labor hours needed are fewer too.

Since it’s possible to complete the job in three to five hours, it’s an efficient process. Repairing a damaged pipe isn’t a small task. Broken pipes cause serious property damage and create hazardous situations for households. 

A sewage backup into the toilet, drains, or floors are inconvenient. They’re also dangerous and expensive to clean.

Preparing a Pipe for Lining

Before the Greenvale, NY pipe lining begins, plumbing contractors prepare the pipe. They inspect the property to ensure that they found the damaged pipe’s exact location. Next, they assess the area around it. 

Severe backups and leaks flood laws. In the worst-case scenario, they flood the home’s interior. 

After finding the access point for the lining, the plumbing finds the sewer cleanout. The team also assesses if the water line runs from the house to the street. A sewer line inspection ensures that no other damage exists before starting the job. If it does, they make additional arrangements.

The sewer cleanout helps the professionals find the water access point. It also gets rid of obstructions and blockages causing clogs. They attempt to clear out the sewer pipe close to 100% for the best Nassau County pipe lining results.

A sewer cleanout connects to the other pipes on the property. 

Next, the plumbing contractors decide the best lining method to use. For example, CIPP lining is best for some plumbing situations. Others benefit from pull-in place, pipe bursting, or internal pipe coating.

Plumbers insert an epoxy-covered tube into the damaged pipe. Then, the plumbing contractors inflate the sewer lining. The tube presses up against the damaged sewer pipe, coating it with epoxy.

It takes three to five hours for the epoxy to dry. Next, the plumbing contractors pop the tube and remove it. What’s left is a lining along the pipe that fixes small leaks and damage for up to 50 years thanks to trenchless pipe repair technology.

When you speak with our Long Island Water and Sewer Main team to request a quote, we discuss the cost to replace the sewer line under the slab.

Process Extends the Life of a Pipe

Every major home appliance has a lifespan. If you keep the appliance according to the manufacturer’s recommended settings and maintenance timeline, the manufacturer expects it to live a certain amount of time without any issues. A major appliance that fails within the warranty period is defective. Thus, most manufacturers replace without too much hassle to the consumer.

Pipes are major engineering feats. Even an Orangeburg pipe has a lifespan of 50 years. Cast iron, cement, and PVC pipes last between 75 to 100 years.

Sewage systems serviced by municipal providers experience more traffic and use. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some require repair before the material’s expiration date. 

Septic systems consist of five components including the tank, drain lines, and pump. The septic lifespan depends on the component. The total system lasts up to 40 years. However, the tank lasts up to 20 years while the drain lines can last up to 40.

Sometimes a repair helps the appliance and the homeowner. Leaks in pipes are a warning sign. Opting for the lining repair option helps extend the life of the pipe. Keep in mind that a pipe needs to qualify for this repair first. If the plumbing professionals believe that it’s beneficial, they’ll recommend this procedure instead of a replacement.

Epoxy pipe lining has a lifespan between 35 to 50 years. When it’s successful, it expands the life of the pipe too.

To schedule Greenvale, NY pipe lining services, call Long Island Water and Sewer Main at 800-479-5325. We also serve Greenvale and Greenvale in New York. For a comprehensive look at our services, including Nassau County pipe bursting, visit our website. Contact us online and request a quote. We also provide emergency services 24/7.

Some information about Greenvale, NY

Greenvale is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the towns of North Hempstead and Oyster Bay in Nassau County, on the North Shore of Long Island, in New York, United States. It is considered part of the Greater Roslyn area, which is anchored by the Incorporated Village of Roslyn. The population was 1,904 at the 2010 census.

Located between Roslyn and Brookville, the Greenvale LIRR station is known as the Long Island Rail Road stop for the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University and the New York Institute of Technology. While LIU Post is located to the east in Brookville, it uses the Greenvale postal code (11548). Until 1866 the community was originally known as ‘Cedar Swamp’, and later known as ‘Bull’s Head’, until some point in the early 20th Century.

While many residential areas in the hamlet were developed prior to the Second World War, the 1940s and 1950s saw the development of the area adjacent to the Roslyn Cemetery and the LIRR tracks (including Park Avenue and Wellington Road); this area is known as Greenvale at North Roslyn.

Learn more about Greenvale.

Map of Greenvale, NY

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